White Sugar

Our beautiful fliptop pack

Gorgeous and mess-free, this elegant new packaging looks just as stylish as the most beautiful of kitchens.

No mess, easy to pour.

A recloseable, recyclable plastic 340g container.

The very latest in Sugar Packaging

We listened to you and now you can try our new packaging - a closeable, recyclable, re-useable container of white granulated sugar.

Easy to carry, easy to use and fits perfectly in your pantry.

A recloseable, reusable, recyclable plastic 1.8 kg container.

Granulated White Sugar

This is the most popular form of sugar used for sweetening coffee, tea, for baking, preserving, canning and cooking.

Available in 900 g carton, re-sealable 1 kg pouch, 2 kg bag, 4 kg bag, 10 kg plastic bag with handle and in convenient individual envelopes and a new recloseable, reusable plastic 1.8 kg container.

Icing Sugar

This is our finest milled sugar. Use it to make smooth frostings, icings and glazes. Sprinkle it on top of cookies, French toast and desserts to add that extra visual impact and sweetness.

Available in 500 g and 1 kg bags.

Instant Dissolving Sugar

This product was previously called Fruit Powder sugar.

The name was changed to better reflect what it is actually used for. It is an instant dissolving sugar perfect for cold beverages, adding to fresh fruit and baking where you require a smaller granulated sugar.

Instant Dissolving Sugar is our smallest granulated sugar.

Available in a re-sealable 500 g pouch.

White Sugar Sticks

Perfect for events, parties and other single serve occasions, these sugar sticks contain our white granulated sugar.

Available in 140 g, approx 40 sticks, packs

Brown Sugar

Golden Yellow Sugar

Slightly mellow molasses flavour and moist texture. Use it in baking and sprinkled on cereals, yogurt and French toast.

Available in 1 kg and 2 kg bags.

Dark Brown Sugar

A richer, stronger molasses flavour. Use it where you want a more distinctive flavour for your baking or sprinkled on hot or cold cereals and toast.

Available in 1 kg bag.

Demerara Style Sugar

The ultimate in molasses flavour with larger sugar crystals that add crunch to your baking or great for sprinkled on hot cereals.

Available in 1 kg bag.

Turbinado Sugar Sticks

Perfect for events, parties and other single serve occasions, these sugar sticks contain our granulated Turbinado Sugar.

Available in 140 g, approx 40 sticks, packs

Speciality Products

QuickSet for Jam

What could be easier to make wholesome homemade jams? Just add fruit and follow instructions on the package for a fool-proof jam.

Great for strawberries, raspberries, peaches and to make your favourite jellies.

Available in a 1 kg pouch.

Sugar Cubes

Add some sophistication to your dinner table. Redpath Sugar Cubes are an ideal way to show off your favourite sugar bowl.

Available in a 500 g box.

Turbinado Sugar

This is made from golden turbinado sugar which is boiled directly from natural concentrated cane juices.

This unique process gives Turbinado Sugar its distinctive large crystal size and mild molasses flavour. Use it to give your coffee and tea a unique taste. You can sprinkle it on baked products to give them that extra crunch and flavour.

This product was previously know as Golden Crystals.

Available in a 500 g pouch.

Cinnamon Sugar Shaker

Something the whole family will love. A convenient shaker with cinnamon and sugar already blended for you.

Just sprinkle it on your toast, pancakes, French toast and also easy to add to your Cappuccino.You can also use it in your favorite baking recipes.

In stores now.

Organic Sugar

Our Organic Sugar is made from organic sugarcane where natural methods of sustainable agriculture are used to grown and harvest the sugarcane.

Organic Sugar

This sugar is produced from organically grown sugar cane with no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers used. The natural cane juice is pressed, cleaned and crystallized. Use it wherever you use granulated sugar, in hot beverages, sprinkled on cereal, and for all of your cooking and baking needs.

Available in 500 g re-sealable pouch.